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Rose Brand and Chicago Flyhouse Make it to the NCAA Final Four & Championship Game

Rose Brand partnered with Chicago Flyhouse on a massive project to control the lighting in the 2019 NCAA Final Four tournament, at US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis. The windowed perimeter of the venue caused natural sunlight to change lighting conditions on the basketball courts, depending on time of day and weather conditions. But the NCAA required the light to be consistent for all tournament games. What to do?

The stadium owner, Minnesota Sports Facility Authority, resolved the problem by engaging Chicago Flyhouse, one of the leading stadium & arena rigging companies in the country. Rose Brand and Chicago Flyhouse often work together on projects that combine rigging and curtains on a very large scale.

The unique design solution had to cover all the stadium windows, as well as permit easy installation & removal to meet the varying lighting requirements of different events. The design called for over 132,000 square feet of curtains (over 15,000 lbs of fabric) to be fitted and sewn for window coverage. Some of the curtains were as much as 160 feet tall!

Photo Above: Upper Concourse 

Photo Above: South Clerestory