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Digitally Printed Flooring, Ceiling & Backdrop Tiles for NBC Sports 2018 Olympics



Product: Printed Impact(TM) floor, gatorboard and SAV; NBC Sports 2018 Winter Olympics; Venue: International Broadcast Center, Pyeong Chang, South Korea; Designer: Bryan Higgason, HD Studio; Scene Shop: Black Walnut; Photo: Jacob Gendelman

We worked with our friends at Black Walnut to specify and build printed flooring, ceiling and backdrop tiles for the NBC Sports Winter Olympics studio. Concept and design planning begin years in advance of the Olympic games. The Olympic studio’s graphically intense scenic elements alone, resulted from months of brainstorming and product sampling. Black Walnut and NBC Sports selected our printed “Impact” floor for their studio because it installed much more quickly and provided greater flexibility than the tiles used in prior years. For example, it allowed Black Walnut to quickly adjust their design on-site in order to create the jagged rock reveals in the fabricated deck.  

Producing the ceiling panels that filled in the Geodesic dome shape were more challenging. The limited load bearing capacity of the studio infrastructure and the geometry of the dome required a substrate with special features. It needed to be over-sized yet lightweight, and it needed to look fantastic when printed, seamed and front lit by the LEDs embedded in the dome’s frame. We recommended gatorboard for the geometric ceiling tiles and SAV for the marbled backdrop pieces. As our client at Black Walnut said, “The results speak for themselves.”

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