How To Create a Star Drop Corona Effect

by Rose Brand 19. August 2010 05:16

When a sheer or translucent fabric is placed in front of your star drop it will diffuse the light creating a "corona ray" effect on the light that shines through. Check out some of the examples that we played with below.  If you would like to do your own tests we will be happy to provide you with fabric samples upon your request.

Chiffon Diffusion Sample

Red Chiffon

Crystal Diffusuion Sample

Teal Crystal


The Benefits of a ShowLED Star Drop Curtain

by Rose Brand 1. March 2010 05:19

ShowLED Wall

Rose Brand ShowLED curtains are often used as backdrops to achieve a programmable starry night effect. There are two versions of ShowLED -- Classic and Chameleon. Classic uses a white LED, which emits a cool, blue-white light. Chameleon uses an RGB LED, which can produce virtually any color, including a warm amber-white light. ShowLED LEDs are specifically designed for installation in fabric and scenery. Rose Brand has sold and rented ShowLED curtains for events as formal as a Presidential ball (i.e., Obama's inauguration) and as traditional as a corporate event or high school stage performance.

Rose Brand ShowLED curtains are easy to set up, easy to maintain, and are cost effective. When you buy or rent a ShowLED drape, you're paying for a complete package -- the drape (fitted with LEDs) and the LED controller. Nothing else is required to program the drape.

The device that controls the intensity, color, and frequency of the LED twinkle is designed for both novice and professional users.More...

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