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Winches: Part 1 in Our Lightweight DMX Scenery Automation Series

Rose Brand introduces a line of DMX controlled products that will make your “light duty” scenery automation tasks much easier and much more affordable: DMX Winches, DMX Track Runner, DMX Roll Drum, and DMX Scenery Rotator. Each of these products use DMX in a smart and practical manner for control, where a more costly and robust solution would be overkill. The focus of today’s blog post is DMX Winches, with subsequent posts to focus on the other products.

Our DMX Winches are designed for light duty tasks such as flying practicals, moon boxes, lightweight curtains, kinetic sculptures, and any other lightweight scenery piece. One of our favorite applications is controlling the independent movement of lift lines in a contour curtain (see video demo above). The winches enable us to create beautiful curtain motion choreography at just 25% of the cost it would otherwise require. More...

Nicopress Power Swaging Tools from Rose Brand

Rose Brand's Rigging Project Manager, Jesse Adams, discusses the Nicopress Power Inline Swaging Tool at the LDI show this year in Tampa, Florida.

The Nicopress Swaging tool enables single-handed, quick and perfect compression of swage fittings. Follow the easy instructions and your crimp is neither too tight, nor too loose. Power swaging helps you to avoid both mistakenly cutting into your wire rope, or having your combined wire ropes come apart. The power tool's pivoting head and compact size allow it to reach into confined spaces, while its lightness in weight makes it easy to use. With interchangeable dies ranging from 3/32 to 3/8 of an inch, the Nicopress Power Tool is the most convenient and efficent compression device available.

In addition to the Nicopress Power Swaging Tool, Rose Brand also offers a Manual Nicropress Tool that is available in three different sizes.

How to Create Scrim Panels that Move



Rose Brand congratulates our sixth blog contest winner, the team at Church on the Move. Their blog entry described how they built  scrim panels that are vertically mobile for their Seeds Conference.  Here is how THEY did it...  

We kept it mostly low-tech (emphasis on mostly) with technology we already knew how to operate and sort out. The impetus for keeping things simple was pretty much culled from self-preservation as we knew the one time we didn’t really desire major technological issues was the opening of our first Seeds session. Go figure.

These 6 sharkstooth scrim panels were custom fabricated out of some larger pieces we had used a few years ago – a local company was able to make this happen for us but scrim material is available in almost any kind of custom size at Rose Brand.

The objective of this element was to project 6 different images on 6 different scrim panels that could raise/lower as needed. Due to the heavily populated stage area overhead, working out the mechanics of the manual raising and lowering process proved to be the biggest challenge. Although not completely groundbreaking, here’s a brief breakdown on how we made it work out for our needs. More...

Pallet Casters For Less Than You Can Make Them Yourself.

Rose Brand introduces the Pallet Master Caster, the only mass produced pallet caster on the market.  Each caster moves props and low profile wagons up to a 100 pound capacity. Designed by Rose Brand and Darnell-Rose. At $22, it’s cheaper to buy than make it yourself. See the attached pdf documents for a product diagram and mounting specifications, and go to for more product information or to order. If you have any additional questions please email us at or call  800-223-1624.

Pallet-Master-Diagram.pdf (85.59 kb)

Pallet-Master-Flush-Mount-Template.pdf (57.59 kb)

Pallet-Master-Mounting-Template.pdf (55.60 kb)

How to Move Big, Heavy Scenery & Equipment Easily and Inexpensively: The StageMaster Series Triple Swivel Caster.

In our industry, scenery and equipment are constantly relocated, shipped, stored, pushed and pulled. One of our favorite tools for accomplishing these tasks is the Triple Swivel Caster StageMaster Jr. It’s both inexpensive and can carry a substantial amount of weight (weight capacity varies depending on the model chosen). While a lot of shops build their own casters using valuable labor time during tight schedules, StageMaster Triple Swivels start at just $100 and ship overnight, from our stock, to virtually anywhere.

Triple Swivel Jr.

The StageMaster Jr. triple swivel caster with 2.5" neoprene wheels. 

StageMaster Triple Swivel Casters are also known as “Zero-throws,” “Turtles” and “Tri-way Swivels.” Whatever you call them, they have significantly less resistance to movement than ordinary casters; a huge advantage when moving large, heavy objects. StageMasterMore...