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The Tab Curtain...Explained

We receive a lot of phone calls from people who are curious about Tab curtains. Tab curtains are often used as grand drapes to provide both dramatic impact when revealing a stage and as a practical way to hide off-stage elements that would otherwise be seen in the wings.

The following video provides a sense of how a Tab Curtain looks and operates. For more information on different types of curtains please see the Custom Sewing section of our Web site. You'll find more curtain demonstrations as well as explanations of different curtain types, curtain fullness, curtain finishes and more. See the main body content of the page as well as the links along the left side. 

Rose Brand Custom Sewing – We’re Not Just Drapes.

test image

       Markey's kiosk with attached monitor & magnetic branding piece at bottom

Markey’s Rental and Staging specializes in creative solutions for corporate theater, live event management and audio visual presentation. They pride themselves on offering well-maintained, high-quality equipment. So when their new digital signage kiosks came back dinged and dented from their first gig at an event in Atlanta, GA , Markey’s knew they had to come up with a better solution to maintain the look of their gear.The powder covered metal kiosks are meant to hold 52” LCD monitors in high traffic areas, so there is a high likelihood of nicks and dents. Markey’s Event Operation’s Manager Patrick Rhoda said, “I’ve worked with Rose Brand in the past and I’ve seen and used fitted truss covers on gigs. I thought Rose Brand would be able to help me out.”

So Patrick hopped onto our web site and shot us an e-mail via, to ask if we could develop an appropriate cover that would keep the kiosks looking good, despite the abuse they receive during a rental engagement. He was advised that we custom sew almost anything imaginable and that we could certainly develop the custom covers he sought.

Patrick and his Rose Brand sales rep decided that our Tendo fabric was the best choice for the project. Tendo is a washable, wide-width, Trevira® IFR, 4-way stretch fabric, sold exclusively by Rose Brand. After Patrick provided the measurements, our sales person engaged Rose Brand’s sewing team to create a sample cover.

Rose Brand has made fabric covers for various applications such as speakers, tripods, and other studio equipment. However, this project involved a one-of-a-kind piece, for this particular A/V stand. Even though the customer gave us initial dimensions to work with, creating the initial sample was like making a gown for a mail order bride! More...

How To Be Hassle-Free On Soft Goods Flame Retardancy Issues

Our industry has stringent fire safety regulations pertaining to soft goods flame retardancy. As a result of the good work of our stage technicians, fire officials and suppliers of flame retardant products, our industry also has an excellent record of fire safety. The following checklist describes best practices for implementing fire safety standards for your soft goods in your stage or event production.               

Rule #1: Get to know your local fire marshal
Discover and contact the authority that will have judgment over the acceptance of your scenery. This person may be the facility manager or house manager, an officer at the local firehouse, or a prevention officer from Fire Department Headquarters. Public Life Safety weighs heavily on their shoulders and they do not like surprises. Rather, they will be thrilled and most cooperative since you approached them in advance to discover the local requirements and to arrange pre-approvals.More...

A Light, Airy and Aesthetic Alternative to an Event Tent

California Canopy

Photo Provided by Austin Johnston for AK Johnston Production Design 

While preparing for an outdoor summer wine and art festival event at a luxury country club in California, A K Johnston Production Design created a wonderful new concept that became the perfect alternative to a standard event tent. Their vision took advantage of the venue's gorgeous panoramic views, which would've been obscured by the walls of a traditional outdoor enclosure. With the help of Rose Brand they created "The California Canopy," a structure that emphasizes the airiness, beauty and organic nature of any outdoor venue.

Rose Brand manufactured the custom-sewn canopy from white Poly Muslin; a cloth that drapes and swags beautifully. Rose Brand also developed matching truss covers from white Tendo stretch-fabric to soften the look of the supports and help them blend-in beautifully with the canopy.More...

When To Use Digital Key vs. Chroma Key


Large Green Screen


As high-grade recording equipment becomes more affordable and non-linear editing software becomes more robust, even grade-schoolers can now post high quality video content to YouTube on a regular basis. The improvement in the technology and its affordability has also enabled video producers, at every level of expertise, to incorporate special effects into their videos. One of the more popular special effects techniques is called "keying." Keying, or compositing, is the combining of visual elements from separate sources into single images, often to create the illusion that all of those elements are parts of the same scene.

The technique requires the use of a uniformly-colored keying backdrop such as a "green screen" to achieve the effect. Through the magic of keying and compositing, the green colored item/s in the scene (i.e., the keying backdrop) becomes transparent, enabling an editor to select a different background in its place (e.g., a street scene, a mountain, etc.)

Keying backdrops come in two main types and colors:More...

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