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Creating the Perfect Environment for the $30M Fortnite World Cup Tournament, Urgently!

Esports has become big business.

Witness the Fortnite World Cup Tournament, a three-day spectator competition where professional video gamers competed for $30 million in prize money. The USTA Arthur Ashe Stadium in Flushing, NY provided this year’s venue where thousands gathered to watch.

Event producers wanted to create a completely immersive playing and viewing environment. It required darkening the stadium since its retractable roof is translucent. Enter Chicago Flyhouse, one of the leading stadium rigging companies in the country. The Chicago Flyhouse plan to darken the ambient light conditions included development and installation of a massive set of masking curtains for the stadium ceiling.

Chicago Flyhouse complemented their skills in strategy and rigging by hiring a partner to manufacture the curtains. They chose Rose Brand, the fabricator that has both the in-hand fabric inventory and the expert sewing capacity to accomplish soft goods jobs of massive scale.

In just a single week, Rose Brand developed 80 curtain panels, each approximately 51’ x 16’, delivering over 65,000 sq ft of fabric to the stadium. Chicago Flyhouse then worked round-the-clock to complete the project on time, engaging a team that included 12 Rope Access Riggers for the installation.

 Game on!


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Transforming Open Space into a Stage - The Lehman Trilogy at Park Avenue Armory

It’s no easy task to transform a wide open, cavernous space into a captivating, all engrossing theatrical environment. With a little help from Rose Brand, the magicians at Park Avenue Armory did it for the critically acclaimed production of “The Lehman Trilogy.”

Venue: Park Ave Armory; Production: "The Lehman Trilogy"; Sam Mendes, Director; Es Devlin, Set Designer; Katrina Lindsay, Costume Designer; Luke Halls, Video Designer; Jon Clark, Lighting Designer; Stephanie Berger, Production Photos; Anthony Boyajian, Rose Brand Installation


How do you build a theatre from scratch in the massive Wade Thompson Drill Hall? Start by creating a full proscenium with nearly an acre of masking curtains of Black Encore Velour, hung on 150’ long Custom Curved Pipes, and stiffened by Custom Stretcher Frames. The beautiful and haunting images created by the designers are projected on a huge Premium Projection Screen also installed on custom curved top and bottom pipes.

We offer design consultation, specification and build services for virtually any production, event or architectural environment that involves fabric and hardware components. Come to us early in the process so that we can insure development of designs that are as practical as they are esthetic.


DESIGN, SPECIFY & BUILD SERVICES: 3-D Backdrop for Los Angeles Opera

Caption: Product: Black Bobbinette 3-Dimensional Backdrop;The Clemency of Titus; Venue: LA Opera – Dorothy Chandler Pavilion; Designer: Thaddeus Strassberger; Scene Shop: Centerline Scenery; Photo: Cory Weaver


Only Mozart had to work a tighter timetable than Rose Brand on his last opera, “The Clemency of Titus.” Thank you to LA Opera for the opportunity! Our integrated team of project managers, technical designers, sewing experts, scenic artists, digital printers and product procurers worked in coordinated fashion to produce the following for this amazing production:

• Dramatic Black Bobbinette 3-Dimensional Backdrop mounted with 1500 flowers, 65’H x 24’W

• Garland Scrim, produced with digitally printed 9oz Poplin attached to Scenery Netting

• Digitally Printed Temple Drop made from 16’ wide Poly Duck, lined with black Commando Cloth, and digitally printed with our robust 6-color CMYK+OV process

Projection Screen made from light beige Poly Silk that fit into a frame, 29’H x 44’ W

Cotton Scrim Backdrop distressed by LA Opera Scene Shop to create the effect of a city burned to the ground.

We offer design consultation, specification and build services for virtually any production, event or architectural environment that involves fabric and hardware components. We can help you at any or all points in the design, spec and build process. See more of our Design, Spec and Build projects

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Caption: Digitally Printed Garland Scrim 

Rose Brand and Chicago Flyhouse Make it to the NCAA Final Four & Championship Game

Rose Brand partnered with Chicago Flyhouse on a massive project to control the lighting in the 2019 NCAA Final Four tournament, at US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis. The windowed perimeter of the venue caused natural sunlight to change lighting conditions on the basketball courts, depending on time of day and weather conditions. But the NCAA required the light to be consistent for all tournament games. What to do?

The stadium owner, Minnesota Sports Facility Authority, resolved the problem by engaging Chicago Flyhouse, one of the leading stadium & arena rigging companies in the country. Rose Brand and Chicago Flyhouse often work together on projects that combine rigging and curtains on a very large scale.

The unique design solution had to cover all the stadium windows, as well as permit easy installation & removal to meet the varying lighting requirements of different events. The design called for over 132,000 square feet of curtains (over 15,000 lbs of fabric) to be fitted and sewn for window coverage. Some of the curtains were as much as 160 feet tall!

Photo Above: Upper Concourse 

Photo Above: South Clerestory