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How to Move Big, Heavy Scenery & Equipment Easily and Inexpensively: The StageMaster Series Triple Swivel Caster.

In our industry, scenery and equipment are constantly relocated, shipped, stored, pushed and pulled. One of our favorite tools for accomplishing these tasks is the Triple Swivel Caster StageMaster Jr. It’s both inexpensive and can carry a substantial amount of weight (weight capacity varies depending on the model chosen). While a lot of shops build their own casters using valuable labor time during tight schedules, StageMaster Triple Swivels start at just $100 and ship overnight, from our stock, to virtually anywhere.

Triple Swivel Jr.

The StageMaster Jr. triple swivel caster with 2.5" neoprene wheels. 

StageMaster Triple Swivel Casters are also known as “Zero-throws,” “Turtles” and “Tri-way Swivels.” Whatever you call them, they have significantly less resistance to movement than ordinary casters; a huge advantage when moving large, heavy objects. StageMasterMore...