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How to Create a Custom Huppah (Wedding Canopy)


Our friends at MMD Events in Tampa, Florida have shared with us an explanation of how they created the perfect, custom made Huppah for a client's wedding.  


“We were contacted by a florist that needed our help, and he needed it fast. We had just three weeks to design, create, and make a custom Huppah.  This Huppah was a custom, one of a kind design that the bride wanted and was set on having. We knew exactly what products we needed, and we knew we could get all of them at Rose Brand.


We ordered the Tendo Box Truss Covers to cover the truss structure.  So when we added our up-lighting  into the Huppah, the truss would be covered but  would still glow. At the base of the truss, we constructed four custom boxes to put the lighting into. We also ordered Voile sheer fabric that we custom cut and sewed together. The four layers of this fabric were connected at the top of the Huppah for covering. Once this Huppah was all put together the final result was remarkable. The bride and florist were both blown away by what we created." 


MMD Events is a design and décor company located in Tampa, Florida. They are usually hired directly by clients for wedding or events, but can also be hired directly by other vendors. When it comes to custom creations, vendors contact them because of their outstanding reputation. Owner Amanda Allen was named a finalist for Event Designer of the Year for both the 2011 Event Solutions Spotlight Awards and 2011 BizBash Florida Reader’s Choice Awards. 


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How to Create Custom Projection Headers on a Budget

Rose Brand congratulates our fourth blog contest winner, the team at InOvation Group. Their blog entry described how they built a projection header and “Chinese Lantern” balls on a tight budget for the First Bank Center Arena in Broomfield, Colorado. Here is how THEY did it...  

Project Description –
InOvation Group was approached in January of 2010 by AEG Live and Kroenke Sports Enterprise to design and supply a VERY large custom projection header piece for use in the new First Bank Center Arena in Broomfield, Colorado. The project budget was fairly tight, and the delivery date was also short. The project also asked for the design and supply of three sets of 3 large “Chinese lantern” balls, which could change color and have custom designs applied to the surface to provide a silhouette look.

Design Challenge –
The header size (132’ in width x 43’ at tallest point) had to be installed and/or More...

Flame Retardant Fabrics: What’s the Difference between FR, IFR, DFR and NFR Fabrics?

Match Flame Test

An NFPA 705 match test being performed on a piece of fabric.

Fire safety is serious business and Rose Brand offers years of experience, dedicated support, and practical solutions to keep you and your audiences safe. While local fire codes may vary and local enforcement is open to interpretation and discretion, almost everyone has the same question in mind: Does the fabric self-extinguish if exposed to a small flame?

The goal is to keep accidents involving flame, heat and fabric from spreading rapidly. In the U.S., the most widely followed standard to determine fire resistance in curtain fabric is the National Fire Protection Association’s (NFPA) 701 standard. This standard specifies a lab test and the limits of allowable burning of curtain fabric. Since the lab test is impractical for spot checking fabrics outside of a formal lab, the NFPA has also established a field (match) test, NFPA 705.

As shown in the photo above, a vertical flame test is used to determine if a drapery fabric resists burning and is self-extinguishing. If a fabric is not sufficiently flame resistant to meet a standard, the fabric is labeled Non Flame Retardant (NFR). Fabrics that meet a self-extinguishing standard are categorized as Flame Retardant (FR), Inherently Flame Retardant (IFR), or Durably Flame Retardant (DFR). The method by which the fabric got to be sufficiently flame resistant determines the specific label.More...

Rose Brand Custom Sewing – We’re Not Just Drapes.

test image

       Markey's kiosk with attached monitor & magnetic branding piece at bottom

Markey’s Rental and Staging specializes in creative solutions for corporate theater, live event management and audio visual presentation. They pride themselves on offering well-maintained, high-quality equipment. So when their new digital signage kiosks came back dinged and dented from their first gig at an event in Atlanta, GA , Markey’s knew they had to come up with a better solution to maintain the look of their gear.The powder covered metal kiosks are meant to hold 52” LCD monitors in high traffic areas, so there is a high likelihood of nicks and dents. Markey’s Event Operation’s Manager Patrick Rhoda said, “I’ve worked with Rose Brand in the past and I’ve seen and used fitted truss covers on gigs. I thought Rose Brand would be able to help me out.”

So Patrick hopped onto our web site and shot us an e-mail via, to ask if we could develop an appropriate cover that would keep the kiosks looking good, despite the abuse they receive during a rental engagement. He was advised that we custom sew almost anything imaginable and that we could certainly develop the custom covers he sought.

Patrick and his Rose Brand sales rep decided that our Tendo fabric was the best choice for the project. Tendo is a washable, wide-width, Trevira® IFR, 4-way stretch fabric, sold exclusively by Rose Brand. After Patrick provided the measurements, our sales person engaged Rose Brand’s sewing team to create a sample cover.

Rose Brand has made fabric covers for various applications such as speakers, tripods, and other studio equipment. However, this project involved a one-of-a-kind piece, for this particular A/V stand. Even though the customer gave us initial dimensions to work with, creating the initial sample was like making a gown for a mail order bride! More...

A Light, Airy and Aesthetic Alternative to an Event Tent

California Canopy

Photo Provided by Austin Johnston for AK Johnston Production Design 

While preparing for an outdoor summer wine and art festival event at a luxury country club in California, A K Johnston Production Design created a wonderful new concept that became the perfect alternative to a standard event tent. Their vision took advantage of the venue's gorgeous panoramic views, which would've been obscured by the walls of a traditional outdoor enclosure. With the help of Rose Brand they created "The California Canopy," a structure that emphasizes the airiness, beauty and organic nature of any outdoor venue.

Rose Brand manufactured the custom-sewn canopy from white Poly Muslin; a cloth that drapes and swags beautifully. Rose Brand also developed matching truss covers from white Tendo stretch-fabric to soften the look of the supports and help them blend-in beautifully with the canopy.More...