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Rose Brand's Best Scenic Design Winner - David Court

Rose Brand recently hosted the Rose Brand and Fan Choice Awards on our social media sites. Nominees were asked to provide a photo of one of their projects to be voted on by Rose Brand Employees as well as fans on Facebook and Pinterest. The award for best scenic design went to David Court, for his work on "Waiting For Godot" which was performed at the Sudbury Theatre Center last October.

Scenic designer, David Court currently resides in Windsor, Ontario. As a freelance Scenic Designer and Artist, David’s designs have been used in productions at University Players, The Capitol Theatre, The Chrysler Theatre, The Bonstelle Theatre, Sudbury Theatre Centre, The Young Centre for the Performing Arts, The Hilberry Theatre , and Cogeco television.


Aside from his freelance work, David is an instructor at University of Windsor and St. Clair College where he teaches “Stagecraft and Scene Painting for the Theatre” and “Scenic Art.”

Please visit David’s Facebook Page to view more of his work.




Nicopress Power Swaging Tools from Rose Brand

Rose Brand's Rigging Project Manager, Jesse Adams, discusses the Nicopress Power Inline Swaging Tool at the LDI show this year in Tampa, Florida.

The Nicopress Swaging tool enables single-handed, quick and perfect compression of swage fittings. Follow the easy instructions and your crimp is neither too tight, nor too loose. Power swaging helps you to avoid both mistakenly cutting into your wire rope, or having your combined wire ropes come apart. The power tool's pivoting head and compact size allow it to reach into confined spaces, while its lightness in weight makes it easy to use. With interchangeable dies ranging from 3/32 to 3/8 of an inch, the Nicopress Power Tool is the most convenient and efficent compression device available.

In addition to the Nicopress Power Swaging Tool, Rose Brand also offers a Manual Nicropress Tool that is available in three different sizes.

How To Be Hassle-Free On Soft Goods Flame Retardancy Issues

Our industry has stringent fire safety regulations pertaining to soft goods flame retardancy. As a result of the good work of our stage technicians, fire officials and suppliers of flame retardant products, our industry also has an excellent record of fire safety. The following checklist describes best practices for implementing fire safety standards for your soft goods in your stage or event production.               

Rule #1: Get to know your local fire marshal
Discover and contact the authority that will have judgment over the acceptance of your scenery. This person may be the facility manager or house manager, an officer at the local firehouse, or a prevention officer from Fire Department Headquarters. Public Life Safety weighs heavily on their shoulders and they do not like surprises. Rather, they will be thrilled and most cooperative since you approached them in advance to discover the local requirements and to arrange pre-approvals.More...

The Benefits of a ShowLED Star Drop Curtain

ShowLED Wall

Rose Brand ShowLED curtains are often used as backdrops to achieve a programmable starry night effect. There are two versions of ShowLED -- Classic and Chameleon. Classic uses a white LED, which emits a cool, blue-white light. Chameleon uses an RGB LED, which can produce virtually any color, including a warm amber-white light. ShowLED LEDs are specifically designed for installation in fabric and scenery. Rose Brand has sold and rented ShowLED curtains for events as formal as a Presidential ball (i.e., Obama's inauguration) and as traditional as a corporate event or high school stage performance.

Rose Brand ShowLED curtains are easy to set up, easy to maintain, and are cost effective. When you buy or rent a ShowLED drape, you're paying for a complete package -- the drape (fitted with LEDs) and the LED controller. Nothing else is required to program the drape.

The device that controls the intensity, color, and frequency of the LED twinkle is designed for both novice and professional users.More...

Rose Brand Blog -- Reason For Being

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